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It has recently come to our attention that there are some people selling Chinese made knock-off products claimed to be of the same quality as our US Made VersaDocks. We are the only authorized dealer in Monroe County. Anyone else selling VersaDock here are not doing so with the factory authorized warranty.  When buying used Docks, verify that they say VersaDock on them; many incorrectly claim that is what they are selling, when in fact they are selling an inferior product. Used docks are not under warranty.


Why Buy a VersaDock Drive-On Dock?

Safe Drive-On

Versa-Dock’s patented V-Float technology provides a low point of entry, which allows you to approach the floating boat lift slowly and in a controlled manner when dry docking your craft. While other floating docks seem to be similar, only VersaDock offers the safe and controlled drive-on experience. Compare VersaDock’s videos to those of the competition and see for yourself! When you do, look closely, and you can’t help but notice the difference.

Easy Launching

When the craft is shifted into reverse, the V-Float hull channel floods with water, making it very easy to launch your craft. Only a VersaDock drive-on dry dock offers a center channel that runs the entire length of the boat and stays out of the water. 

No Dangerous Open Areas On the Dock

Some drive-on docks have openings in the dock to allow the boat to get on. With VersaDock’s V-Float technology, the dock is completely solid, meaning there’s no chance of anyone falling through the dock.

Craft Stays Out of the Water

With the V-Float, the craft stays out of the water, where it’s dry and safe from barnacle or algae growth. Look at our picture gallery of real customers and see how the boat is out of the water and the boat is safe and secure from the environment. Look at the stern angles of our floating dry docks and then look closely at our competitors’. As a VersaDock dealer, we want you to compare us to the other guys!

No Rollers Needed

With the V-Float there are no rollers. There’s no greasing or regular maintenance to keep rollers rolling and algae or barnacles from growing on them. 

Other Benefits

  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy Assembly and Infinitely Configurable
  • Easy on Your Feet Non-Skid
  • Gray Color stays Cool in the Sun
  • Industrial Strength Commercial Grade Material

Because not all docks are created equal!

With unmatched versatility, the patented VersaDock system delivers consistent waterfront docking value. It’s safe to use, extremely durable, and infinitely configurable. 

VersaDock easily satisfies a wide range of residential and commercial needs. While other docks may simply look like a VersaDock, the characteristics and unsurpassed quality set VersaDock apart, especially when it comes to drive-on docking! 

Compare our pictures and videos to the competition and see for yourself why VersaDock is the best value in floating, drive-on docking!

The VersaDock floats form the cornerstone of this amazing system. The modules, available in four sizes for application flexibility, are constructed using a high molecular weight polyethylene capable of dealing with the most demanding environments.

Unlike docks constructed from wood and metal parts the VersaDock system is designed to minimize maintenance and maximize your boating pleasure.

View the Video

 VersaDock Video


A Dock for All Seasons

VersaDock’s unique design and unmatched quality allow the dock to be used in almost any application.  All of our docks have survived all the hurricanes of the past years, and in most cases, they can be left in the ice over the winter up north!